SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Your success equals our success, so our SEO experts have answered some frequently asked questions that our customers ask about SEO.


What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is where you try and gain a better page position in search engines, with the end goal of increasing your organic, un-paid website traffic.

What is better SEO or PPC?

Both are vital for a successful eCommerce website. SEO allows you to increase your traffic over time and rank better on SERPs (search engine results pages).

PPC (pay per click) are adverts on a search engine. These cost money, however, generate immediate results. They are a great way of quickly getting traffic to your website.

Which SEO software is the best?

There are so many different SEO programmes available to help you research and improve your rankings. There is not one piece of SEO software that will do everything that you need it to do, so take a look and our guide to popular SEO software.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is doing little things to improve certain pages ranking in a search engine. This can include both content and HTML on the page. Some types of on-page SEO include:

  • Image optimisation (alt tags / names etc)
  • Keyword optimisation (increasing keywords on-page)
  • Schema markup (HTML – although lots of plugins add it automatically these days)
  • Internal linking
  • Content topic
  • Title and headers

Where do I start my SEO strategy?

If you have yet to start working on optimising your website then you are going to need to put together a strategy. A great place to start would be by conducting a site audit. Net1on1 can help you with a website audit, and more information can be seen on our SEO page. Our website audit will give you the fundamentals of an SEO strategy that will allow you to tackle issues on your website as well as offer insights into things that you can crack on with to improve your SEO.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research helps you to identify keywords for which you should create content around. Keywords are words that people search for, and by targeting these words you will drive traffic to your website. For example, in the adult industry, a keyword would be ‘online sex shop’; so you would want to create content around that phrase and include it as a keyword in your content.

There are ways that you can conduct keyword research, and many SEO tools will help you do this. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our industry, some tools will not provide you with the data that you need. As such, Google Search Console is a great way to find queries that you rank for and how you can improve your ranking.

Will blogging help SEO?

Yes, blogging will help your SEO! If you are looking at starting a blog then it is a great tool to help you rank, however, we strongly recommend that you plan your blog and make sure that you keep it on the topic of your website.

Blogging can be extremely helpful when trying to get your website to rank. When creating a blog it is very important to try and blog about something exciting, linkable and shareable content. The more links and shares you get the better your blog, and website will start to perform.

Will HTTPS affect SEO?

HTTPS will help your SEO, and will also help your customers confidence. This, in turn, will help your conversion rate, which will help the performance of your website.

Do categories help SEO?

Yes, categories do help SEO. You must create a good website structure that makes sense and is easily readable by bots. Site structure will also help to provide supporting information for your website, for example:

We sell wholesale sex toys, so a good URL structure for this would be:


In this instance dildos is a type of sex toy, so should sit under the main category of wholesale sex toys. Realistic dildos are a type of dildo, so all information should filter up towards the top-level category, as all sub-level categories provide supporting data for your website.

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are something that helps to dictate website structure. They look like this:

SEO Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs help to feed link power through your website, and also help search engines to identify important pages.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are essentially where other websites link to your website. When search engines start indexing we pages, they needed a way to determine which pages were most relevant, the quality and number of links pointing to a website will help to determine whether or not a web-page is good.

What is link equity?

Link equity or link juice is the about of clout one link transfers to another page. Nofollow links do not carry link equity.

Today many factors help to give better quality to links, including the text surrounding the link, anchor text, and general topic of a website.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority corresponds directly to how well a website ranks. Domain authority is how trusted a website is by search engines. A site can improve domain authority by increasing the number of links that go to the website, and the quality of those links.

What is link building?

There are two types of link building, internal links and external links. External link building is an SEO strategy where you gain a link from another website to improve the ranking of your website.

Internal linking is linking from one page of your website to another. This will help search engines to see which page is important for certain queries.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the text that the link sits on. Anchor text helps to describe a link, so if you have a page that you want to rank for certain keywords, when you link to it you should use correct anchor text to help you do so, for example, wholesale sex toys.

How do I set up Google Analytics?

Setting up a Google Analytics account is very important, our SEO team have created a guide to help you do this. So take a look at our page on setting up google analytics.

How do I set up Google Search Console?

Google search console is a very useful tool that helps you to find out what your website is visible for on google. To set this up there are a few things that you can do. If you want to do this then take a look at our page on setting up Google Search Console.

Do you have any SEO tips?

The better you do, the better we do, as such our SEO experts have created some useful tips to help you get ranking! You can view them on our SEO tips page.