Free Website For Stores

If you have a physical store then you will be able to get a free eCommerce website. The website is completely free for the first year, however, hosting will need to be paid for every year after that. The hosting costs £149.99 a year, or £20 a month.

To get a free eCommerce, you would simply need to place 6 orders with us and spend £300 on each order.

If you want to get your website sooner, you can spend less, as we do offer other options:

  • Spend £1500 + VAT on one order
  • Spend £1600 + VAT across three orders
  • Spend £1700 + VAT across four orders
  • Spend £1800 + VAT across six orders

Once you have spent the total amount we will start creating the eCommerce website for you, and you can expect it around 2 weeks after that!

Please note that the orders are exclusive of poppers, and to buy poppers as well you must spend a total of £2400 + VAT across 6 orders

Once you have met the spend you would be entitled to a free shop in a box. Which is a pre-made website solution that comes fully integrated with all our stock. We also take care of the warehousing, so any order that comes through will go straight to our warehouse who will then ship it out on our drop ship system. You just need to sit back and watch the money come into your account.

If you have any questions about getting a free website then feel free to contact us and one of our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.