Payment Gateways

We offer a few different payment gateways that are designed to be integrated with your shop in the box system. These payment gateways are all designed to maximise your conversion rates.

Which payment gateways are available?


PayPal is one of the easiest, popular, and recognized payment gateways for online businesses. They offer two different accounts, a free one, and a business one.

The standard, free PayPal account offers the following:

  • Free integration
  • Accepts credit cards & PayPal via their secure server
  • Swipe cards in your store & on the go
  • Creation of e-mail invoices for fast payments

The PRO option costs £20 a month, and you have all the free functions plus:

  • A fully integrated checkout system, this means that it does not direct your customers to PayPal
  • You can modify the layout, colour, and message
  • 3D secure
  • Fully PCI compliant

Secure Trading

Secure Trading has a great history of helping SMEs to start taking and processing payments online. They deliver exactly what you need to run an online business, including:

  • A simple API to manage your transactions
  • A payment platform with a  100% uptime record
  • Consultancy to help you grow


NoChex is a hassle-free, completely integrated payment service that acts as a virtual wallet. They hold the money for you and allow you to transfer it straight into your bank. They’re integrated checkout solution is incredibly user-friendly and fully optimized for eCommerce.

The NoChex service costs £19.99 a month.