SEO Tips

Here our SEO experts suggest different things that can help your SEO performance.

Page Speed

Page speed has become more and more important, a faster page gives a better experience for the user, meaning that they are less likely to leave your website.

In the eCommerce world speed is never more important, one of our partners, Loving Joy, noticed that their conversion rate and ranking position improved when they increased the speed of their website.

How can I increase speed?

There are a few different ways in which you can increase the speed of your website. Below are some quick and actionable ways for you to increase the speed of your website:

  • Introduce a caching plugin
  • Reduce image size
  • Enable compression
  • Reduce redirects
  • Reduce on-page DOMS
  • Minify CSS / HTML / Java
  • Improve server

Link To Other Websites

Link building is a crucial strategy for anyone involved in SEO. Linking out to other people makes your website more valuable and also shows that you are referencing where you find the information.

Linking out will also help people link to you.

User-Friendly Content

When you are creating content for your users to read you need to make sure it is easy to understand and to the point. Don’t force contact to be keyword specific or over the top to benefit search engines. It is much more important than your writing can be understood by actual people.

Get Trustworthy Links

Trustworthy links from authoritative domains are still one of the biggest ranking factors. You need to make sure that you can get high-quality pages linking to your website. A good way of doing this is to create shareable, new content.

Install GSC & Analytics

Make sure that you have installed Google Analytics and Google Search Console before you start. If you need help with this then take a look at two of our guides below:

Unique Everything

Makes sure you write unique everything, this includes on-page content, meta descriptions and meta titles.

Also, make sure that you avoid duplicate meat descriptions. If you are a WordPress user then you can fix duplicate meta descriptions easily with SEO plugins like YOAST.

Use Readable URLs

URLs allow you to get in keywords or phrases that you want your website to be found for. As such use proper URLs like:

Avoid URLs like:

or very long ones like:

Add Alt Tags To Images

Alt Tags in images are a great way to help you improve your website ranking. The descriptive text helps search engines find what the image is about. It also can help to add keywords to the source code of a page.