Adult Shop Template

The Adult Shop Template is designed to be stylish, with a large amount of brand exposure, whilst directing your customers to an easy top-level product category.

The homepage features a quick turning slider that advertises brands, products, or ranges of your choice. Under the banner section, there are three different boxes that show popular product categories.

The product categories are large, and on a standard size, mobile fit the screen extremely well.

The product pages are extremely easy to navigate and feature a sidebar with product categories and a search bar on them. This allows your customers to quickly navigate through the website.

The product page is again very simple and elegant and will show the product off. There is a quick and easy add to cart function, and when pressed will automatically cause the basket drop-down to pop, making the customer aware that the product has gone in. The product page also features up-sells that are designed to increase your revenue.

The checkout has been fully optimized to make it have the highest conversion rate possible and has a one-step feature. This means that all the information for the checkout is filled out on one page.

If you have any more questions about the adult shop template then feel free to contact us.