Naughty & Nice Template

The Naughty & Nice template has been purposefully optimized for easy mobile navigation. In 2019 Google switched all websites to mobile-first indexing, this meant that any website that wasn’t mobile-friendly would experience a penalty.

The homepage for this template features numerous product categories, with a product category sidebar allowing for quick and easy access to your customer’s category of choice.

The footer of this website also features large products that allow you to put your top-selling or highest margins on every page, given the maximum exposure.

The product categories are easy to use and navigate and offer multi-images for your customers to see more of the product. The sidebar also features the product categories for your customers to move through and select their product category.

The product page is very easy to use and looks great, with related products available at the bottom.

Once again the checkout of this eCommerce store is very easy to use. It is a one-step checkout that has been optimized to give you the best conversion rate.

If you would like to learn more about the Naughty & Nice template then please feel free to contact us.