Venom Template

The Venom template is one of our most popular templates. It has a very striking homepage that makes it very eye-catching.

The homepage is set up with a large slider banner that allows you to chop and change between some of your favourite brands and promote the products or ranges that you make the most money on. As you move down, there is a selection of popular categories for you to update.

Keep moving down the web-page and you will see a section that allows you to add some USPs of why people may choose your website over another. Following on from this is a section with popular categories and best selling toys.

Of course, this is all completely editable so you can choose the categories and products that you want to display.

As you go into the product catalogue you will see the easy navigational shop capabilities that woocommerce has. Built into the side of the shop is a selection of widgets, that allow your customers to filter down the products, which should help them to find what they are after.

You have the ability to change the widgets, and you may decide to add more, or even remove them completely. You can also edit how many products are visible on-page, and the order of the products themselves.

The product page itself is extremely straight forward and easy to navigate. The add to cart button is straight in front of your customers face. This is designed to enhance your conversion rate.

At the base of the product page is also the related products which are upsells to the existing product. You can also set it up so you have cross-sells down the side. These will be added to products that go well with the product, like a lubricant.

Both the cart and the checkout of the venom template have been highly optimized to give you the best conversion rate possible.

If you have any more questions about the venom template or would like to purchase it then please feel free to contact us.