Plastic Free

As an industry first, Net1on1 Wholesale makes commitment to get rid off all plastic from the packaging of its own brand, Loving Joy, by 2020.

The plastic-free movement blew up in the first quarter of 2018 with more and more companies as well as individual consumers seeking out solutions for a plastic-free and therefore, reduced-waste life. Mainstream media outlets like The Guardian, the Independent and Marie Claire all ran extensive features on how to best achieve a plastic-free life and therefore ease the pressure on the planet and reduce the devastating effect plastic has on our environment. UK supermarket, Iceland, also aims to introduce plastic-free aisles and remove all plastic from their own label products by 2023, hoping to lead by example and getting other supermarkets to make similar pledges too.

Joining this global effort now is Net1on1 Wholesale, who has pledged to first reduce and hopefully, eventually remove all plastic from the packagings of Loving Joy products by 2020. The wholesaler’s in-house brand has been enjoying a sort of renaissance in the last couple of years with great reviews, award-nominations and skyrocketing sales marking its way towards a global market presence.

It’s a big decision that we are so proud and eager to make – said Net1on1’s Managing Director, Tony Gonzalez –, we only have this one planet, we must make a conscious effort to preserve it for future generations. If Net1on1 can help in any small way to reduce unnecessary and harmful waste, than we have a responsibility to do so. There are so many alternative solutions available now that can replace plastic trays and clam shell packagings that we see this as not just a welcome eco-friendly switch but something that makes business sense. The Loving Joy brand was built around ideas of simplicity, style and affordability and cutting out plastic fits in with this ideology so well.

The resizing and redesigning of some of our boxes for certain products like our Real Feel male toys have already began and we hope to find a good alternative for items that require a tray within their boxes too – corrugated cardboard can look especially appealing if done right. Just like Iceland – continued Gonzalez – we hope that other adult novelty manufacturers and distributors will follow suit and we can all work together to reduce the waste created by the adult industry.

Of course, we know that it won’t be easy to replace certain elements of our product packaging – plastic bags used inside boxes are especially going to be hard to avoid, but we feel that we are up for the challenge and we will be spending a lot of time researching the best alternatives to maintain the quality and presentability of the Loving Joy range. Watch this space, we will keep everyone updated throughout this journey, exciting times ahead!