No Dropship Fee

After the wide success of last year’s temporary promotion aimed to help dropshippers with their Valentine’s margins, award-winning wholesaler, Net1on1 has now announced that they are doing away with the 10% handling fee all together.

There’s a site-wide shake up happening at Net1on1 Wholesale and it’s not without casualties! The 10% dropship processing fee that was calculated so far on the item total will be permanently removed from the 1st of March from dropship customers’ accounts. After rigorous consultation with customers, thorough research and a ton of calculations, the wholesale company is ecstatic to be able to offer an even more competitive service with even better profits to make.

Between this bombastic news and the fact that the wholesaler is now ready to support websites built on Magento and WooCommerce platforms with a fully automated API-client, it looks like Net1on1’s dropshippers can really shop till they drop.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s Sales Manager has said:

Dropshipping provides a great entry into the industry for people who has the motivation, dedication, and inspiration to run a successful business, but don’t necessarily hold the funds in hand to start an empire from scratch. You don’t need to own the facilities to store your own stock, you don’t need to deal with couriers and packaging, it’s all taken care of for you, so you can focus on what really matters – promoting and marketing your business, getting the word out about your site.

We have seen a brilliant increase in our dropship business in the last couple of months due to our successful Shop in a Box service as well as the automated options that we offer now. We aim to make dropshipping as easy, convenient, and profitable for our customers as possible, so we are constantly improving our service. Just recently we have expanded our marketing resources section, built a help and advice page with tutorial videos, improved, and expanded our stock and product feeds, completed the API-client for Magento and continued to update our WooCommerce module.

Listening closely to our customers gave us a lot of direction so far on what they wanted changed, improved, or updated urgently, and the dropship processing fee is something that kept coming up in these conversations. These are extremely competitive times in our industry, so being able to offer the best possible margins is really important – 10% can make or break a sale, so it was about time to rollback this restriction for our customers.

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