Shop In A Box

A year has passed since Net1on1 triumphantly launched its eCommerce and website design service at the 2016 ETO Show with a hilarious, and award-winning game of Deal or No Dildo. Is it everything the wholesaler has hoped for and more?

Grabbing the adult industry by its horns and offering a comprehensive website building and eCommerce service, the award-winning wholesale company, Net1on1, introduced this new option, dubbed Shop in a Box, to its customers just over a year ago at the 2016 ETO Show. The service provides small retailers and new sole traders the opportunity to launch their own websites pre-loaded with Net1on1’s extensive catalogue, equipped with a smoothly working automated API and tailored to their personalized, customized brand image. Choosing from three different packages – basic to full works –, new businesses can find just the right solution for themselves with an appealing design template, accessible admin interface and ongoing, helpful customer support from the wholesaler.

A year on, and dozens of custom built websites later, Net1on1 shows no signs of slowing down as their new marketing offensive targets existing brick-and-mortar shops with the convenient and all-inclusive Shop-in-a-Box website service.

Tony Gonzales, Net1on1’s Managing Director has said:
We had a blast last year launching the Shop-in-a-Box service at the ETO Show, giving visitors a chance to win a custom-built website with our cheeky game of Deal or No Dildo really raised our profile and we even won the award for Best Stand – what a weekend! It was all very promising and success surely followed with website orders piling up in the next couple of months after the show. We are thrilled to give smaller business the chance to make their mark against the biggest players of the industry, and we are extremely proud of each website that we released to the wild so far, customer satisfaction is the name of the game after all!

We have learnt so much from the last year that we can now offer an even more improved and streamlined service. For example, we have created a comprehensive FAQ document for our customers who would have specific questions about hosting, payment gateways, the timescale of the project and so forth. Transparency and full disclosure is very important for people who invest their capital and trust in us, so we do everything possible to honor their expectations and confidence in our service.

We are especially interested to hear from brick-and-mortar shops who do not have an online presence yet, as this is an opportunity for them like no other. They already have an established customer base and brand name but with a fully stocked website they can reach even more people or refer timid visitors to their discreet online shop. They can carry their store’s branding over to their new site and capitalize on their existing brand recognition and customer loyalty. They can introduce new ranges and toys through their website without committing to large quantities of stock and add only bestselling lines to their store displays. It can be their shop in an online box – convenient, accessible, reliable, and ready to take their business to the next level.

Fee Drop Special

Just as spring fever will take hold of consumers’ imagination and desire to spice things up in their bedrooms, Net1on1 will cut the 10% admin fee for dropship orders for two months to aid smaller retailers, eBayers and Ecommerce sellers in their quests for greater margins and better sales. The announcement will come as great news to anyone hoping to run promotions and sales in February and March as the 10% fee drop can easily be passed down to end-customers or turned into other special offers.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s Sales Manager said:
February and March are busy months in the adult industry; starting with Valentine’s Day our customers will see a huge increase in their website traffic so we really want to help them make those crucial conversions. By removing the 10% dropship fee, they will be able to find better margins and create special offers for their customers. And it’s not all about V-Day either! March is Women’s History Month in the UK so we expect a lot of our customers to run promotions on feminine pleasure products and brands. Overall, we really hope that this promotion will put a spring in our customer’s step in February and March!

Blog Series

Award-winning wholesaler, Net1on1 publishes series of blog entries on its website to help customers write product descriptions, answer consumer enquiries, and develop deeper product knowledge.

Net1on1 has been publishing blog content for the last two years since the launch of their new, revamped website in 2015. Focusing on adult industry trends, company news, offers, brand profiles and the latest additions to the catalogue, the blog became a source of information for the company’s customers who could also find business, marketing and eCommerce tips. However, in a new drive to empower their customers with product knowledge, the wholesale company has recently started publishing guides in a blog series format covering popular topics.

Lili Hornyai, Net1on1’s Customer Service Assistant has said:

There’s a real opportunity to pass on product knowledge in a blog format as we can show off our best selling products and equip retailers and online sellers, in the meantime, with the essential information they will need to sell these items. Facing a 2000-strong versatile product catalogue and not being aware of how all these products are used exactly can be a bit overwhelming and confusing if starting out without previous experience in the sale of adult novelties. The blog series is meant to help our customers with some basic toy, kink and product knowledge that they can use when facing specific customer enquiries, but it should also aid them with content creation which we know is key in today’s online market. Writing creative, informative, and unique product descriptions can make or break a business these days, so we want our customers to use the blogs as a foundation for their own content. We first ran a series on different topics and covered as much as possible – this complemented the recent expansion of our catalogue.. The recently finished back door series offered a detailed guide for p massage while the entry on strap play has broken the site’s previous viewing record with over 4200 views – if anyone needed more proof that pegging is today’s hottest trends. Of course, we are always happy to hear our customers’ feedback and open to requests, so feel free to let us know what we should cover next!

No Dropship Fee

After the wide success of last year’s temporary promotion aimed to help dropshippers with their Valentine’s margins, award-winning wholesaler, Net1on1 has now announced that they are doing away with the 10% handling fee all together.

There’s a site-wide shake up happening at Net1on1 Wholesale and it’s not without casualties! The 10% dropship processing fee that was calculated so far on the item total will be permanently removed from the 1st of March from dropship customers’ accounts. After rigorous consultation with customers, thorough research and a ton of calculations, the wholesale company is ecstatic to be able to offer an even more competitive service with even better profits to make.

Between this bombastic news and the fact that the wholesaler is now ready to support websites built on Magento and WooCommerce platforms with a fully automated API-client, it looks like Net1on1’s dropshippers can really shop till they drop.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s Sales Manager has said:

Dropshipping provides a great entry into the industry for people who has the motivation, dedication, and inspiration to run a successful business, but don’t necessarily hold the funds in hand to start an empire from scratch. You don’t need to own the facilities to store your own stock, you don’t need to deal with couriers and packaging, it’s all taken care of for you, so you can focus on what really matters – promoting and marketing your business, getting the word out about your site.

We have seen a brilliant increase in our dropship business in the last couple of months due to our successful Shop in a Box service as well as the automated options that we offer now. We aim to make dropshipping as easy, convenient, and profitable for our customers as possible, so we are constantly improving our service. Just recently we have expanded our marketing resources section, built a help and advice page with tutorial videos, improved, and expanded our stock and product feeds, completed the API-client for Magento and continued to update our WooCommerce module.

Listening closely to our customers gave us a lot of direction so far on what they wanted changed, improved, or updated urgently, and the dropship processing fee is something that kept coming up in these conversations. These are extremely competitive times in our industry, so being able to offer the best possible margins is really important – 10% can make or break a sale, so it was about time to rollback this restriction for our customers.

Free Websites For Shops

Recognising how the adult market is evolving in the UK, leading adult product distributor, Net1on1 Wholesale starts unique initiative to bring more physical stores – some with decades of trading history – to the online world.

We’ve all been there – you spot a shop that looks right up your alley but you don’t have the time to go in or you would simply prefer to browse the store’s selection from the comfort of your sofa. So, you head home, excitedly type in the shop’s name into Google but find that they don’t have a website.

For many customers, the journey ends here as they will find other ways to acquire the items they were after. And unfortunately, all of this is even more likely to happen to adult stores where more timid customers may be too afraid or shy to enter the premises.

Net1on1 Wholesale, the UK’s leading adult product supplier would very much like to disrupt this narrative that may lose dozens of UK adult shops numerous customers and sales every day. So, from as little as £300 (+VAT) spent on stock with the wholesaler across six orders, physical stores can now get a WooCommerce website for free.

During our sales trips up and down the country, we’ve been noticing that many brick-and-mortar shops don’t have websites or are in serious need of an online upgrade – said Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s Sales Manager. Many of these stores have been around for decades, they have a loyal local customer base who return again and again for the personable customer service and discretion. In our eyes, these kinds of shops form the foundation of any country’s adult industry, they’ve been trading way before the internet and eCommerce took over. 

In our effort to support these stores, we wanted to come up with a service that offers an accessible and hassle-free option to shop-owners to create an online presence and start reaping the benefits that eCommerce has to offer.

This latest initiative from Net1on1 builds on the already widely successful Shop in a Box service that offers customised, fully stocked and automated website packages to start-up companies and entrepreneurs at an affordable price. Using WooCommerce as the platform to build dozens of websites, the wholesaler says that the Shop in a Box service is optimised for ease of use and overall convenience so new business owners can focus on marketing, SEO, social media and customer service without having to worry about stock, logistics and the massive initial investment that usually comes with building a website from scratch.

We’ve been doing the Shop in a Box service for a couple of years now and have helped dozens of new business owners get started in online selling – explained Gonzalez. All websites come with an API-client that keeps stock levels automatically updated, and pulls through any new orders into our system, so all they need to do is keep an eye on the payments and build their online community, if they wish to do so. The website works with our dropship service so we would send all orders directly to the customer with a packing slip that would have the store’s logo and information on it.

This system could work wonders for brick-and-mortar store owners who may have steered clear of online selling because they didn’t feel confident enough in their IT skills or were afraid that running the website next to their store would require too much time and effort. With our newest offer, we can set them up with a well-functioning, easy to use website, all they have to do in return is spend a minimum of £1500 (+VAT) on stock with us. Basically, they can stock their shelves to the brim from our outstanding product catalogue and within 2-3 weeks they’ll receive an eCommerce site that will generate further profit and exposure for them.

Of course, we realise that spending £1500 in one go is not in everyone’s ballpark, so we created various payment plans where shops can, instead, place a series of smaller orders to qualify. This means that, for example, they can place six orders for £300 (+VAT) each and once they reach £1800, we’ll start working on their site.

We really hope this service will appeal to store-owners as we would love to work with as many of them as possible – concluded Sebastian Gonzalez. They only need to bring their custom to the table, while we offer our friendly customer service, our unique and well-priced product catalogue and our convenient eCommerce solution to them. So, please don’t hesitate, give us a call or drop us a message, we would love to help you lay the next building block of your business empire!