Hi Res Images

Leading adult novelties wholesale company, Net1on1 has collated a Dropbox folder filled to the brim with beautiful high-resolution imagery for their entire catalogue to aid online sellers bringing their websites up to scratch.

For years, web-resolution images were more than sufficient for online trading, but with modern devices offering higher and higher pixel counts, the demand for crystal clear high-resolution images has increased exponentially. With consumers expecting to be able to see every nook and cranny of the products they wish to purchase, images that show items in their best light became sought after by online retailers who are trying to keep with the times.

Since we’ve removed the 10% dropshipping fee we have seen our dropship sales increase and we are now supplying more online shops and marketplace sellers than ever before – says Sebastian Gonzalez, Sales Manager at Net1on1. We are also having great success with our Shop in a Box programme that provides start-ups with a fully loaded e-commerce adult website with a personal, customised aesthetic, PayPal integration and API automation. Furthermore, the Shop in a Box solutions are also popular with brick and mortar shops trying to establish an online presence – some of these shops have been trading for decades and we give them the chance to take advantage of the internet and the discreet shopping experience it allows for some of their existing customers.

As suppliers of such a big and varied customer base, we feel that it is our responsibility to give everyone the best chance to succeed and that starts with offering a wealth of easily accessible resources. We’ve been adding more banners, videos and logos to our downloadable resources on our website and we’ve been trying to tailor our blog posts to fit customers’ modern needs and interests. But the one thing that our customers have kept asking for were high resolution images, so we have collated a Dropbox folder where the product pictures are ordered by brand making it extremely easy and straightforward to find exactly the image they need. We are also planning to add these high-res images to the product pages so in time, our customers will be able to download them right from our website.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and always try to go the extra mile to make sure our customers’ feedback are properly listened to and followed up on – concluded Gonzalez. And in that spirit, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, comments or needs in regard to our website, products and services, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Net1on1’s high-resolution product images can be accessed by logging into your trade account Dashboard, clicking Download from the left-hand side menu and following the “Hi Res Image Download” link to Dropbox.

No Dropship Fee

After the wide success of last year’s temporary promotion aimed to help dropshippers with their Valentine’s margins, award-winning wholesaler, Net1on1 has now announced that they are doing away with the 10% handling fee all together.

There’s a site-wide shake up happening at Net1on1 Wholesale and it’s not without casualties! The 10% dropship processing fee that was calculated so far on the item total will be permanently removed from the 1st of March from dropship customers’ accounts. After rigorous consultation with customers, thorough research and a ton of calculations, the wholesale company is ecstatic to be able to offer an even more competitive service with even better profits to make.

Between this bombastic news and the fact that the wholesaler is now ready to support websites built on Magento and WooCommerce platforms with a fully automated API-client, it looks like Net1on1’s dropshippers can really shop till they drop.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s Sales Manager has said:

Dropshipping provides a great entry into the industry for people who has the motivation, dedication, and inspiration to run a successful business, but don’t necessarily hold the funds in hand to start an empire from scratch. You don’t need to own the facilities to store your own stock, you don’t need to deal with couriers and packaging, it’s all taken care of for you, so you can focus on what really matters – promoting and marketing your business, getting the word out about your site.

We have seen a brilliant increase in our dropship business in the last couple of months due to our successful Shop in a Box service as well as the automated options that we offer now. We aim to make dropshipping as easy, convenient, and profitable for our customers as possible, so we are constantly improving our service. Just recently we have expanded our marketing resources section, built a help and advice page with tutorial videos, improved, and expanded our stock and product feeds, completed the API-client for Magento and continued to update our WooCommerce module.

Listening closely to our customers gave us a lot of direction so far on what they wanted changed, improved, or updated urgently, and the dropship processing fee is something that kept coming up in these conversations. These are extremely competitive times in our industry, so being able to offer the best possible margins is really important – 10% can make or break a sale, so it was about time to rollback this restriction for our customers.

New Resources Available

With an ever-growing blog series advising retailers on seasonal and ongoing bestsellers and various popular product types, award-winning wholesaler, Net1on1 has now added a range of tutorial videos to its site to help costumers find their footing. This new feature is accompanied by an expanded folder of marketing resources available for download – banners, logos and a brand new Loving Joy catalogue – as well as the option to view and browse the site with Euro prices displayed instead of pound sterling.

Net1on1 has always been proud of its impeccable, personable and friendly customer service that contributed to their win of the Best Stand award at the 2016 ETO Show… of course the Deal or No Dildo Game must have helped too.

Nevertheless, the wholesale company knows that the best kind of trade customer service is the kind that empowers and informs the customer and so a website where information can be located easily and help is readily available, is crucial. Therefore, Net1on1 has added a new help page to www.1on1whoesale.co.uk that contains handy guides and easy to follow tutorial videos to aid existing and new customers get acquainted with the many features and shortcuts available for them. Topics include a detailed look at the downloadable live CSV and XML feeds, a tutorial about how company logos can be uploaded for a customised packing slip for dropshippers, and a step-by-step guide to batch payments. The company hopes that this will help new customers getting started as well as highlight features that might have been overlooked by to existing customers.

A whole range of new banners were also added to Net1on1’s online resource library so online retailers can freshen up their websites with flashy brand ads for the best brands in the industry.

And to further accommodate European retailers, the site can now be browsed with prices shown in Euros which will surely help the wholesaler in its ambitions to expand its presence on the continental market, especially with its super-competitively prices in house brand.

Lili Hornyai, Net1on1’s Customer Service Assistant has said:

As the first point of contact to most of our new customers, for a while I’ve been collecting the most common enquries submitted by new account holders. This helped us get a real overview of what raises the most questions and concerns for our customers, and so we decided to create a hub of information for them that they can refer to if they get stuck with anything. Product catalogue upload, stock management using CSV feeds, the packing slip dropshippers’ customers receive, batch payment, these are all topics that are raised everyday, so we thought aiding and empowering our customers to be able to easily solve these issues themselves could really go a long way in making our site even more user-friendly.

We have had such a positive response to our extensive, serialised product guides on our blog that creating this tutorial page seemed like a no-brainer.

Similarly, we realised that there’s room for improvement on our Resources page, so we dug through our suppliers’ sites to upload a whole host of new banners in all shapes and sizes. The professionally designed images will help online retailers promote some of the bestselling brands out there. We have also made a new product catalogue available for download, this should please party planners who will be able to offer the competitively priced range with a high quality catalogue that shows off all the bestsellers perfectly.

We are constantly updating, upgrading and learning how to best help our customers, we always aim to make their experience with Net1on1 even more smooth and convenient. Of course, we are always happy to hear our customers’ feedback and are open to requests, so do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think we should improve, change or update next!

Tiered Pricing

Award-winning adult toy wholesaler, Net1on1 promises bigger discounts on large portion of branded catalogue with box deals offering up to 30% off.

Retailers who buy in bulk from Net1on1 have always benefited from the company’s “spend-to-save” scheme that grants 1% discount after every £100 spent. However, the wholesaler is now promising even bigger savings with the introduction of a tiered pricing system that will help retailers stock up for busy periods, run promotions and ramp up their margins too. Net1on1 is likely to appeal to both new retailers looking for the best deals out there and established businesses seeking increased profit.

Net1on1’s Sales Manager, Sebastian Gonzalez said:
We  are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience when trading with us and offering competitive prices and appealing discounts is a huge part of that. While we had the spend-to-save system in place for a while now, we really wanted to create a new scheme that can help our customers getting more bang for their buck. With our new tiered pricing they can get 5% discount on Tenga Flip Holes by purchasing just 3 units, for example, while our regular spending tariff only reaches the same 5% on orders over £500. The adult industry is booming at the moment and marketplaces are extremely competitive so we really want to provide the supplier support that our customers need to run their businesses smoothly and successfully. We selected the most sought after brands and items to offer box deals on, so buyers can stock up on the best wholesale products without making a dent in their cash flow. And the most exciting part?! These discounts can easily be passed down to consumers in the form of multi-buy offers, free gifts, discount codes and other promotions to drive website traffic, increase conversion rates and build advertising buzz on social media – everybody wins!